Buddenbrooks at the Behnhaus

Buddenbrooks in the Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus
Until 28.03.2023
The Buddenbrookhaus will close its doors in 2020 for the comprehensive renovation of the house and its exhibition
The Buddenbrooks will use this as an opportunity to present themselves for a few years in Lübeck's city palace Behnhaus. There could hardly be a more fitting place for the literary residents: the Museum Behnhaus vividly conveys a sense of the world in which the Buddenbrooks lived and the Lübeck merchants from whom Heinrich and Thomas Mann came.
In the exhibition "Buddenbrooks at the Behnhaus" Tony Buddenbrook personally tells about their famous creator Thomas Mann and his brother Heinrich. Follow the Mann brothers into their childhood as Lübeck senators' sons. And let Tony tell you how Heinrich and Thomas Mann rebelled against the stuffy bourgeois world of their origins.
In the historic living quarters of the Behnhaus, the Lübeck novels Buddenbrooks and Professor Unrat come to life. Both books caused a scandal in Lübeck, but made the Hanseatic city and its writing sons Heinrich and Thomas Mann world famous. Join the Mann brothers and their works in the stylish atmosphere of the 19th century.

You will find the Buddenbrook family and their creator Thomas Mann and his brother Heinrich in the Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus, Königstraße 9-11, Lübeck. More information about your visit is available here.