All five houses of the network regard themselves as spaces of debate about the life and work of Thomas Mann.
What role does Thomas Mann’s lifelong concerns play in today’s world? In what way can the Mann family’s literature and political attitudes provoke us to think about the pressing issues of our times? Migration and exile, gender issues or political engagement and democracy are only a few of the topics that are of great relevance to the present day. Our houses regularly organize a series of digital and analog events on these topics and beyond. Visit our calendar of events and exchange ideas with us within an international context.

Los Angeles
Black Feminism mit Alice Hasters und Morgan Jenkins: Die deutsche Journalistin, Autorin und...
Gespräch und Lesung ...
Los Angeles
2023 Thomas Mann Fellow Alice Hasters kommt ins Gespräch mit Kurt A. Douglas, Professor für Tanz an...
Heinrich Mann stehend, Thomas Mann sitzend.
Von Thomas Mann handschriftlich auf der Rückseite notiert: "Heinrich Mann / München um 1900".
Zum Abschluss der Sonderausstellung "Der Untertan. Über Autorität und Gehorsam" betrachtet der...