Thomas Mann International. The network of Mann Houses introduces itself

Thomas Mann stands internationally for world literature, European culture and humanistic values. His life's journey led from Lübeck out into Europe and the world. His stations in life are reflected by five institutions from four countries, which founded the network "Thomas Mann International" in 2017: Buddenbrookhaus/Heinrich-und-Thomas-Mann-Zentrum (Lübeck), Monacensia im Hildebrandhaus (Munich), Thomas Mann Archive of the ETH Zurich (Zurich/Switzerland), Thomas Mann House (Los Angeles/USA) and Thomo Manno kultūros centras/Thomas Mann Cultural Centre (Nida/Lithuania). The houses have joined forces with the aim of bringing together their collection holdings on the joint digital platform "TMI-Research". The network presented the result for the first time live on 20 September from 7 p.m. at this year's annual conference of the German Thomas Mann Society. The recording of the livestream can be viewed here at any time.

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