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Thomas Mann stands for world literature, European culture and humanistic values. During his lifetime, he traveled from Lübeck to Europe to around the world. Our five houses, which span across four countries, reflect the various stages of his life. In December 2017, the houses joined to form the network “Thomas Mann International”: the Buddenbrook-House, Heinrich-and-Thomas-Mann-Center (Lübeck), the Monacensia at Hildebrandhaus (Munich), the Thomas Mann Archives at ETH Zurich (Zurich/Switzerland), the Thomas Mann House (Los Angeles/USA, Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e. V.) and the Thomo Manno kultūros centras/Thomas Mann Cultural Center (Nida/Lithuania). 

We are archives, libraries, places of remembrance, research centers, literature houses, cultural institutions and residencies that pursue common goals: Our aim is to preserve the memory of Thomas Mann’s life and work, promote research on him and draw attention to the author’s significance and relevance to our own era. Together we strive to advance exchange that focuses on Thomas Mann in exhibitions, through a variety of event formats, and scholarly research. The emphasis is on digital access, which is intended to promote the preservation and discussion of Thomas Mann’s works internationally. Each house contributes its respective strengths.

Beyond the network’s expertise in research and scholarship, we intend to position ourselves more forcefully as spaces of debate. We aim to communicate Thomas Mann’s themes as they relate to the present day, while emphasizing the author’s relevance to our own era. This includes, for example, issues relating to political engagement, migration and exile.

Thomas Mann International. The network of Mann Houses introduces itself.

The network houses presented themselves live at this year's annual conference of the German Thomas Mann Society on September 20, starting at 7 pm. The joint digital platform TMI-Research was also presented for the first time. The recording of the livestream can be seen at any time here below.

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